top 10 technologies

At GoMyCode we believe in the importance of technologies and their revolutionary role in today’s society, here’s a list of the best technologies to learn in 2019:

        1- Artificial Intelligence

AI is basically building machines using data and computer science that are capable to perform tasks that mostly require human intelligence. So you can have a specific image, we give you the example of Siri, the virtual assistant in Apple devices or self-driving cars like Tesla, both of them are concrete examples that are using AI.
AI can be used in different fields like supply chain, retail, software engineering or even finance, it is becoming an essential tool to almost all companies.

        2- Blockchain

It is the technology behind bitcoin. When we talk about blockchain, we are referring to digital information stored in databases. Some may even refer to it as Internet 3.0

        3- Virtual Reality

VR is basically how an individual lives a virtual experience. The users will be in a virtual environment and will be able to interact with a 3D world.
At first, VR was only used in games and fun play, but now companies are looking to change its use and make it even bigger.

        4- Cloud Computing

We are all familiar with the word “Cloud” but what does it mean? Cloud Computing or The Cloud is basically a remote server where you can store, manage and process your data and you have the ability to access it wherever and whenever you are. 
This technology is used a lot by companies and its impact is huge for the success of these companies.

        5- React JS


React is JavaScript library created by Facebook and it is used in the front-end web development which means that it is basically used in the development of the view layer of a web site. 
If you are passionate about web development, then this technology is for you to learn. Most dev companies are using it and it is highly demanded. 
A lot of developers would say that is it an easy and fun technology to learn.

        6- DevOps

DevOps is a combination of Development and Operations. Its main goal is to change and improve the relationship between the two business units by providing better communication.
It is mostly used in business to find a common ground between people working in operations and developers.

        7- Internet of Things (IoT)

This technology is looking to revolutionize the internet world. IoT is about expanding the use of the internet beyond computers and smart devices. It is the ability to connect everything to the internet, and by everything we mean EVERYTHING! It makes everything smart and easy to use or access.
So this technology is certainly needed to develop any technique or other technology.

        8- Intelligent Apps (I – Apps)

Intelligent App is a new technology combining other new technologies that are app development, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and big data analytics. 
These Intelligent apps use the data collected from the interactions done with the users to perform in a more relevant and useful matter.

        9- Big Data

Big Data is the process of analyzing an enormous amount of data that cannot be done with traditional processing software. This technology combines artificial intelligence, data science, and IoT.
It is certainly a technology that will never seize to grow because of the growth of the amount of data in the world.

        10- RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

RPA is the technology that will allow anyone to configure a robot, making the machine able to perform human tasks in a humanly way by integrating actions into the digital system for it to perform business processes.

If you are interested in one of these technologies and want to learn one of them, Check outGoMyCode’s Website to know more about the programs we offer and join our community of tech lovers.

top 10 technologies




     Avant de rejoindre GoMyCode, je travaillais dans une entreprise où je n’étais pas réellement épanoui, je voulais à tout prix chercher une autre opportunité même dans un domaine différent du mien.

Toutes les opportunités que j’ai pu trouvé étaient dans le domaine de l’informatique et du développement.

C’est à ce moment que j’ai décidé de m’adapter au besoin du marché et à me lancer dans une carrière en tant que développeur.

     J’ai commencé mes recherches sur les écoles de coding en Tunisie qui offrent des formations en programmation. C’est là que j’ai trouvé une publication de GoMyCode sur Facebook à propos du programme 1000Coders et je n’ai pas hésité longtemps avant de postuler au programme.

     J’ai passé le test en ligne et l’entretien. Dès que j’ai su que j’ai été accepté, j’ai déposé ma démission pour commencer une nouvelle aventure.
 A GoMyCode

     J’avoue que je n’ai jamais été passionné par l’informatique et par le développement, c’est pour cela qu’au début de la formation j’ai trouvé une difficulté à m’adapter mais avec l’aide des instructeurs et les autres étudiants, j’ai réussi à faire le switch dans ma vie et réussir la formation. 

Pour le DEMO DAY, j’ai travaillé sur un projet qu’on a nommé “Fekra”. 

    Fekra est un réseau social interactif qui ressemblait à Facebook,  l’utilisateur n’avait qu’à poster son idée de projet sur son mur, les autres utilisateurs pouvaient noter l’idée et la classer par la suite. Si le nombre de “j’aime” sur son idée est élevé, elle sera vu par les sponsors et les incubateurs qui l’évalueront et décideront s’ils vont l’accompagner pour la concrétiser.


    A Talan, l’intégration était assez fluide surtout qu’il y avait beaucoup de visages familiers de GoMyCode. 
J’aime le fait que j’apprenne constamment de nouvelles technologies parcours et qu’il y ait une évolution tant que le plan personnel que professionnel.

  Long term (Dream life/Job):

    Je sais que maintenant j’ai trouvé ma vocation et que je suis sur le bon chemin.
Je suis actuellement épanoui à Talan, et s’il y aurait une autre opportunité de travailler à Talan à l’étranger je la saisirai. 

Marwen Abidi

Marwen Abidi – PHP Symfony Developer at Talan*

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We can all agree that shortcuts are life savers, it makes our lives easier and helps us do things quicker whether they are used in programming, writing or preparing a simple spreadsheet. 

There are shortcuts that are very common and are used daily by everybody to copy, cut, paste or save in only one click, but there are others that go unnoticed by average users but that are very important to be acknowledged.

Because we want to help you and ease things for you, here are 10 shortcuts for you to use:

1- Win + L : Lock your computer.

You are taking a break and leaving your computer? Do you have confidential files? This shortcut will lock your screen and make it impossible to use your computer without a password.

2- Alt + F4 : Close Apps.

Imagine yourself finishing a project that requests a lot of research, a lot of apps and you clicked on that last send button. Your only wish is to close everything, well you don’t have to close each app alone, just click on Alt and F4, and everything will go away. 

computer 2

       3- Ctrl + A : Select All Text.

Sometimes you want to select all the text in an article that you are reading. Instead of clicking and moving your mouse around, just click on Ctrl and A, everything will be selected.

Sometimes you want to select all the text in an article that you are reading. Instead of clicking and moving your mouse around, just click on Ctrl and A, everything will be selected.

      4- Ctrl + Z : Undo
Mistakes can be done, we’re only human after all. Unlike in life, when you do a mistake in your computer, it can be undone in an easy and efficient way, just click on Ctrl and Z.

     5- Ctrl + Y : Redo Action
Do you want to redo what you have undone? Well with this shortcut, it is possible. On Click and everything will come back to the way it was, on your file of course. If only it was possible in life right?

computer 3

     6- Ctrl + H : View history.
You read an article online and want to find it? Do you want fast access to your browser history? No problem, click on Ctrl and H, you will open your history in a new tab.

     7- Ctrl + Shift + T : Reopen previously closed tab.
You closed a tab that you did not mean to close? No Problem! Ctrl, Shift, and T are here for you! Click on them and the tab that you just closed will reappear.

     8- Ctrl + F : Fast search.
You are looking for a word or a paragraph on a specific subject and want to find it quickly? Click on Ctrl and F, you small search will appear, you just have to write the word and you will find it.

     9- Ctrl + T : Open new tab.
You are using your browser and want to open a new tab quickly? Without reaching your mouse and go up to open a new tab, just click Ctrl and T, the new tab will appear. 

     10- Ctrl + W : Close current tab.
This shortcut will allow you to close any tab that is not needed or that you opened by mistake without spending time looking for that close button. A click and it is gone.

computer 4

Because we want what is best for our readers, here are some bonus tricks on how to use your touchpad efficiently:

Touchpad Hacks:

      – Up and Down :

If you put 2 fingers on your touchpad and move them vertically, your screen will go up and down.

      – Show or hide your desktop (Win + D) : 

If you want to open a new folder and want to access your desktop quickly, you just click on the Windows key and D, your desktop will appear in front of you, or, a much simpler way is to just scroll your 3 fingers up on your mouse.

      – Switch between active Apps (Alt + Tab) : 

If you are working on something and you are using a lot of apps, you are probably going to move back and forth between these apps. This shortcut is hugely helpful to move from one app to another without losing time.

Which ones you did not know about? You have other Shortcuts in Mind, share them with us.


slim 1


     J’ai obtenu mon diplôme d’ingénieur en génie logiciel en 2016, depuis, je voulais démarrer ma carrière professionnelle, c’est pour cela que j’ai postulé pour différentes offres d’emploi afin de trouver une opportunité dans mon domaine.J’ai passé plusieurs entretiens mais sans succès.

  J’ai enfin fini par accepter une offre d’emploi dans un domaine un peu éloigné de mes études, c’est là que j’ai eu un déclic et pris la décision  de chercher une formation qui pourrait m’aider à regagner les connaissances en développement que j’avais et de les améliorer ce qui me permettra par la suite de maximiser mes chances d’embauche en tant que développeur.

    Un ami m’a parlé du programme Full-Time de GoMyCode, notre discussion a suscité mon intérêt,  je me suis donc renseigné sur la formation et j’ai apprécié ce qu’ils proposent.

     Mon intérêt a coïncidé avec le lancement de la première session du programme de bourses 1000 Coders, comme je remplissais tous les critères d’éligibilité au programme, j’ai décidé de tenter ma chance en postulant pour “1000 Coders”, heureusement, j’ai été accepté pour la session de Juillet 2018 et depuis, tout a changé.

 A GoMyCode


    Ce que j’ai aimé le plus, c’est la méthodologie d’apprentissage, c’était très différent par rapport à ce qu’ offraient les autres centres de formation. 
J’aime bien travailler tout seul, avec mon propre rythme,  c’est ce qui m’a plu le plus à GoMyCode. Leur méthodologie d’apprentissage correspondait parfaitement à ce que je recherchais.

Pour le Demo Day, j’ai choisi de travailler sur un projet qu’on a nommé “Fekra”.

Fekra est un réseau social interactif qui ressemblait à Facebook,  l’utilisateur n’avait qu’à poster son idée de projet sur son mur, les autres utilisateurs pouvaient noter l’idée et la classer par la suite. Si le nombre de “j’aime” sur son idée est élevé, elle sera vu par les sponsors et les incubateurs qui l’évalueront et décideront s’ils vont l’accompagner pour la concrétiser.

slim TALAN


Après la fin du programme, j’ai été invité par Talan pour passer un entretien.

J’ai stressé vu que je savais pertinemment que mes efforts fournis pendant les 12 dernières semaines allait se résumer dans cet entretien.
Quand j’ai été accepté, j’étais très heureux et c’était à ce moment là que ma vie a changé pour le mieux.

Talan Slim

Aujourd’hui, je suis à Talan depuis presque 6 mois, je travaille dans une équipe très motivée sur différents projets.Je suis fier de ce que j’ai accompli grâce à GoMyCode et à Talan.

  Long term (Dream life/Job):

    Je voudrais concrétiser le projet sur lequel j’ai travaillé pour le DEMO DAY. 
J’aime beaucoup la stabilité que j’ai maintenant grâce à Talan et GoMyCode qui sont les deux facteurs qui ont changé ma vie pour le mieux.


Slim Arfaoui – PHP Symfony Developer at Talan*

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 I am very happy to share updates and insights about the work we are doing at GoMyCode.

Our story at GoMyCode dates back from the time I was in high school and started learning computer science and technology; I fell in love with the idea that computer science is a tool that can help you create new experiences and solve problems that you’re facing in the world ;

The thing is; that’s not how technology education is being taught in schools and universities around the world ; we tend to teach in a very traditional way through lectures and theory and we knew that the best way to learn computer science is actually through working and building projects that we care about so we started GoMyCode to the body of those values; an education where you learn technology by design, coding and launching products that can have an impact on our society and the student ;

This mismatch of education results in huge unemployment rates and the gap between the market needs and the tech companies needs; there is a huge gap between market recruiting needs (tech positions) and available talent. In the US, the gap is estimated at 1 million and in Europe at 750k. In Tunisia, the gap is estimated 5k.

the solution

So GoMyCode started as a very simple concept; we kickstarted GoMyCode as an educational company at the core with intensive educational programs on latest technologies. We trained over 2000 Students for the past 2 years, we learned a lot and we’ve been iterating the concept since.

GoMyCode represents the union of three ideas that had not been previously combined: A Tunisian African tech company that actually works on delivering a disruptive educational experience on the latest technologies using the application of mass production techniques while connecting this tech pool with worldwide companies.

What drove us in starting GoMyCode was that it seemed a cool hack: that if we helped people become developers and learn new technologies, there we could kill unemployment, elevate people consciousness and empower businesses and a new generation.

GoMyCode started with a goal in mind: solve the tech talent shortage problem and tackle technology education; we expanded this thinking about education to thinking also about the work industry and the future of tech teams.

the community

The most exciting thing about GoMyCode is the community we built; we have students from all background and form a community that supports each other; we placed over 400 developers in tech companies for the past 2 years; we are already in Tunis, Sousse, and Sfax.

GoMyCode partnered with impact fund DROSOS to train over 200 underprivileged students during 2018–2019 to become software developers and helped over 90% of these students join companies as software developers. The project is called 1000 Coders: https://1000coders.gomycode.co/1000

We’ve been building a network effect of tech gurus and we want to empower this community with the necessary tools and resources ;

the product

We are also opening our technology and learning platform to the world. Our new e-learning product powered by cutting edge technologies provides its users with a unique personalized learning experience. Tech companies around the world can use our learning platforms to train their teams on latest technologies (https://gomycode.co/notre-plateforme)

We are also very happy to launch GoMyCode connect matching platform. CONNECT aims to connect the best tech and data profiles with companies in order to join their teams or for specific missions (freelancers). We help companies to recruit the best profiles through our network of smart coders (https://gomycode.co/pour-les-entreprises). We offer profiles in less than 48h. Our developers are well selected and generally have followed training and workshops at GoMyCode.

Developers can access to connect anywhere to get missions/projects or to get matched with tech companies around the world (https://gomycode.co/pour-les-developpeurs ).

We are designing the office and the classroom of the future…

GoMyCode is highly scalable because its all powered by technology in every aspect from the selection to the training to the matching

The learning platform is graph based and very efficient to scale our educational model and the GOMYCODE experience; from managing the instructors to measuring students efficiency and progress; the matching platform is data based that do the assessment and matching for our developers ;

the start up act

I am very happy also to announce that GoMyCode got the startup-ACT label. The startup-ACT label marks a very important step for us, especially for our pan-African expansion ambition.

GoMyCode is an educational platform that trains African top talents on the newest technologies and connects them with tech opportunities around the world.

#Vision statement: At GoMyCode, we want to leverage technology to empower a new generation of developers and businesses in Africa.

Training on new skills:GoMyCode delivers convenient, up-to-date and affordable technology training for African youth that allows them to build technology products or to start a career in technology

Enabling businesses to grow:GoMyCode helps companies scale their tech teams, build digital services and products by connecting them with a network of exceptional engineers.

Creating a sustainable technology ecosystem:GoMyCode creates an African technology ecosystem of developers, designers, experts, entrepreneurs, freelancers and companies and connects them with each other and with opportunities worldwide.

We’re on a mission to make it easy and accessible to people to learn new technologies by giving them high-quality education and to businesses to grow through connecting them with a network of exceptional engineers.

The team

We are already 74 incredible individuals in the GoMyCode team and we couldn’t achieve this ambition and progress without our team so thank you to everyone who’s contributing to our mission every day.

Feel free to check our new website: https://gomycode.co/

Interested to join our mission? Let’s talk.

Thank you 😉



From the dawn of time, Education has been and still one of the most important subjects that are facing humanity: learning how to hunt in order to eat, how to make a fire to stay warm and cook or learning how to adapt to different environments to survive.


Nowadays, The education system is dividing people with what they can and can not learn.
We used to learn what we needed but now we learn what we can.

Does the answer lie in who can learn what?

We all are used to learn at the same pace, in the same classroom, and with the same books but we don’t all have the same outcomes.

How different are we?

A study published in 2016 found that students who preferred learning visually thought they would remember pictures better, and those who preferred learning verbally thought they’d remember words better. But those preferences had no correlation to which they actually remembered better later on words or pictures. Essentially, all the “learning style” meant, in this case, the subjects liked words or pictures better, not that words or pictures worked better for their memories.

That same year, another study found no relationship between the study subjects’ learning style preference (visual or auditory) and their performance on reading or listening-comprehension tests. Instead, the visual learners performed best on all kinds of tests.


This doesn’t mean everyone is equally good at every skill of course. People have different abilities, not styles. that’s why we gathered information about thinking abilities and we used the triarchic theory of intelligence: identifying the student’s intelligence is the first step to help him to apply and improve it !

Everyone is able to think in words, everyone is able to think in mental images. It’s much better to think of everyone having a toolbox of ways to think, and think to yourself, which tool is best?

The introduction of a New ERA:

To ensure that good learning experience is maintained, we adapted the classroom to the students and not the students to the classroom.
We built an Education platform (called ADA) in order to allow each person to learn at its own pace. ADA uses machine learning and educational psychology to propose to each student a course that is adapted to his/her learning style.


For the last month, we’ve been working on a research to find a positive correlation between the learning styles and the types of intelligence based on the triarchic theory of intelligence of Mr. Sternberg a Cornell University and an IBM professor.

For this, we tested the memory, attention, and perception and linked them to the thinking types (and intelligence) of the students so we can identify each student’s strengths when it comes to learning.

Based on the results, we’re adapting the content of our courses to each learning style, making learning easy for everyone!

If you want to know more about our learning methodology and our platform ADA check out our Website.