As a gaming instructor at Go My Code, it came as no surprise that every weekend I and my students used Unity as our engine to create the products of our dreams. The following post will showcase why we as a team of both instructors and program creators use unity over other engines that are available.

The industry of gaming

The video game industry is a behemoth chugging along at full throttle and showing no signs of slowing down. At Go My Code we are aiming on becoming the next generation of the 21st century school that will change the way we learn/teach computer science. As we are driven by the industry it came as no surprise for us to use Unity engine as the source for game development track. Being called the best engine in the millennial, it offers multiple options for novices as well as professionals who are working on creating 2D or 3D video games. Being based on the usage of graphical options and backoffice coding rather than the typical usage of simple monotonous coding scripts, Unity offers our students the possibility to enter the world of video game creation via easy means, this allows them to be easily able to engineer and start their careers without the prejudice of the scripting science holding them down.

Technicalities with Unity:

Technically speaking unity offers endless possibilities to those who are starting the path of game development, letting them work with both C# and javascript it contributes into the possibility of letting the flow of scripting being easy rather than confined by the tight spaces of orientations. Add to that, the engine is a powerful tool that allows users to render complex images and graphical designs, hence, they are capable of establishing full sets of environments in both 2D and 3D aspects. Moreover, using unity is like landing the holy grail as you are capable of using one source to rule them all, as you create one game then build it to different platforms ranging from the computer to different mobile platforms. With a set of simple drag and drop instructions that you use in the menus you are all set to build the same game to different plug-ins that are available either by downloading them or ones that are already set in the engine. This can only be enhanced by the community that is basically the backbone of unity, as they answer all and every question in different methods, allowing the user to find the answer that they have been looking for with ease.

What about the future?

Futuristically speaking, unity holds the keys to the future age of gaming, being the main engine used to set up VR playing, you can easily get used to it as it included in the engine or you can download it from their website, this sci-fi set is easily used and anyone who managed to work on the unity 3D environment will be able to work on the VR setting and establishing their future based game. Moreover, many large companies and indies alike have discovered the power and versatility of the Unity engine. What you may not know is that there are non-gaming companies that use the engine as well. Unity is being used for research, simulation, and demonstration by companies all over the world. I could go on and on about that, but let’s just stick to the games for now. If you go to Unity’s game gallery, you can see some of the amazing games already made with the Unity game engine. This gallery is just a small sample. What you’ll hopefully notice is that the games all look and play completely differently. This is a true testament to the versatility of the Unity game engine. This is a tool that helps you uniquely design and develop your project’s vision and implement it your way.

In a nutshell The Unity game engine is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for the development of your projects. Features like the visual editor, full and robust scripting, the Mecanim animation system, and multi-platform build support set this engine leaps and bounds ahead of its peers. The amazing community and supported asset store is just icing on the already very tall cake.

” Koussay Khelil” – Current Lead external services developer -Previous head of game.

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